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Police formed a physical barricade beneath the bridge to separate the rival groups, with the Proud Boys and their supporters to the south and counter-protesters to the north.

Some members of the groups exchanged heated words and taunted one another, though police have kept them mostly at a distance.

But none of that will be what’s remembered from Williams’ performance or that of Oregon’s secondary after his 26-yard touchdown with 9 seconds left capped a stunning 27-21 comeback win for No. Hundreds of right-wing activists and those protesting their presence and message converged Saturday morning near the Morrison Bridge in Tom Mc Call Waterfront Park, as long-planned opposing demonstrations got underway.If you’re streaming them instead, you’ll need a faster internet connection or else it would constantly buffer and load, taking all the fun out of being able to watch these videos continuously.But given that those technologies would also improve over time, it shouldn’t be much of a problem upgrading to newer tech once they are widely available for consumers.That’s almost five times the quality of what was widely available back then!While Full HD videos are widely supported at the moment, videos that are 2160p or 4K in quality are currently on the rise.

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