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However, Seung-jo's matchmaker mom, Hwang Geum-hee (Jung Hye-young) helps Ha-ni a lot and becomes determined to get the two together.During her time with Seung-jo and his family, Ha Ni blackmails Seung-jo into tutoring her to become part of the top fifty ranked students in their high school.Their high school year is filled with heartbreak, confusion, anger and Ha Ni's unrequited love, and slowly Seung-jo comes to like Ha Ni and finds her company very enjoyable.After several dramatic events involving Ha Ni, Seung-jo realises that when Ha Ni says she will forget him and no longer likes him in front of the senior year, he panics a little and strings her along by kissing her on their graduation night to keep her interested, though she secretly still is and announces that he decided to attend the same University as Ha Ni.While Ha-ni's classmate Bong Joon-gu (Lee Tae-sung) still has, despite many incidents that have continuously broke his heart, feelings for Ha-ni.However, Seung-jo is still the one Ha-ni likes, despite the fact that he is always with Hae-ra and said that he lives for teasing her.Seung-jo and Ha-ni soon graduate high school and go to university.

Everything went smoothly then between Sueng-jo and Ha-ni. Sueng-jo tells his decision to Hae-ra, she pretends to be happy with his decision and tells him that she is happy that finally Sueng-jo is able to know what he actually wants.

Fate intervenes when an earthquake ruins Ha-ni's family's newly built home.

While the house gets rebuilt, Ha-ni and her father are invited to stay at the home of her dad Oh Ki-dong's (Kang Nam-gil) childhood friend, who happens to be Seung-jo's father Baek Soo-chang (Oh Kyung-soo).

With everything going on, it seems impossible for Seung-jo to like Ha-ni.

Joon-gu also doesn't give up on trying to win Ha-ni's heart, and one day, he takes his crush one step further by proposing to Ha-ni.

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