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Every mom needs other supportive moms surrounding her.This is the one time in your life where even typically very confident women can feel like they are doing it all wrong and that life is just a series of spit up, nap schedules and monotony with no reprieve. And when the going gets tough there is no one else on earth that will understand more than another mom who is in the trenches right there with you.It is definitely slow progress, so slow in fact that it is hard to tell if there is any progress at all. It's so strange to me how he still can't stand up but he has these other brand new movements. Oh, and he hasn't had a single headache since the surgery. He started having regular headaches (2-3 a week) last May, we took him to the ER multiple times convinced it was his shunt.While he is still unable to stand or walk, Caleb has discovered some new tricks since his surgery. I have NEVER seen him isolate movement in his foot. AND he can now swing his legs out from the knee, isolating that movement from the knee down. It would appear that the tethered cord was causing the headaches all along. You may be the first of your friends to have kids or maybe the last.Maybe everyone else is back to work and you are just starting your maternity leave. Here are some great tips for picking up other mommy friends: Remember that most moms are as desperate to meet you, as you are to meet them.I originally thought my toddler was too young for playdates with other children her age.

It’s ok to ask questions about different views on food or how they discipline. I took my daughter on a playdate at the house of a friend she met in preschool. Being able to meet with different people for playdates at different locations gave me a great opportunity to talk about rules with my little girl.

Once they got the hang of interacting, I stepped back a bit.

Sometimes playdates happened with my toddler wrapped around my leg the whole time, and that’s ok.

Last week he was sitting on his bed and he had his knee up with his foot on the bed and he started tapping his foot.

As soon as I heard my toddler dragging her toy box from room to room with the toys slowing spilling on the ground, I knew summer in Arizona had officially set-in.

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