Pink cam with out registration

During the days ahead, a Patrol Officer stops a vehicle matching the description in the area and they find evidence to the crime that was committed in your neighborhood.

Without the video from your surveillance system, the suspect would not have been caught quickly and may have gone on to committing several more crimes in the area.

They record constantly while you drive so you have video evidence showing exactly what happened should you ever be involved in a collision.

Assuming it’s not your fault, you can then send the appropriate clip to your insurer to help your case, and avoid a claim against your policy.

We’ve already mentioned some dash cams include a second camera which faces backwards and records the view out of the rear window or the cabin.

For most people, the rear view camera is well worth the extra money, though if you have a 12V accessory socket in your boot as well as at the front of the car it can work out the same price – or cheaper - to buy two separate dash cams.

- community video surveillance program Here’s how it works: A home owner or business owner installs a surveillance system on their property.Once the information is gathered, two things would happen.If there was a crime in your neighborhood or business, a Police Officer would contact you to look for possible leads. This program is designed to continue and enhance our partnership with the community. Until something happens, the surveillance system is a deterrent but it does not stop all crime form occurring.Through excellent service and communication with our community members; citizens in our community will be helping the LVMPD deter crime, help identify suspects, and increase the proactive approach to crime fighting. Often times the surveillance system might catch something useful for the police department; however, it goes unnoticed because the owner is unaware of them capturing anything.

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