Phonegap splash screen not updating

we also need to set primary key & auto increment for CREATE TABLE `course_details` ( `id` int(1) NOT NULL, `title` varchar(25) NOT NULL, `duration` varchar(50) NOT NULL, `price` varchar(10) NOT NULL ) ENGINE=Inno DB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 AUTO_INCREMENT=1 ; ALTER TABLE `course_details` ADD PRIMARY KEY (`id`); ALTER TABLE `course_details` MODIFY `id` int(1) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT; After creating a new table, we need to create simple REST API Let’s create a simple API (no security layer added) for fetching data from My SQL database & display as JSON.

The above dimensions are assuming that you have chosen to follow this recommendation.We think this approach is less error-prone and makes it easier for developers to find help in the community for each specific platform.One major difference is the way plugins handle the Java Script code they need in order to be executed from the Web View.While Capacitor doesn't require plugins to provide Java Script, many plugins will want to have logic in Java Script.In this case, providing a plugin with extra Java Script is as easy as shipping a traditional Java Script library (bundle, module, etc), but instead of calling file; Capacitor provides a few simple macros on i OS and Annotations on Android for adding metadata to your plugin source code that Capacitor reads at runtime.

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