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They were all sent from the same area, making them relatively easy to track.Sayoc was apparently driving around conspicuously in a van plastered with attention-getting political bumper stickers, so it’s almost as if he planned to be arrested or expected to be arrested. Sayoc was captured, longtime Hillary Clinton operative Philippe Reines went on CNN, of course, and said we all know who’s ultimately responsible for this.Philippe Reines: I think you have to ask how much Donald Trump is responsible for the climate that we’re in where things like this happen.

All pictures and videos are convenietly tagged, so you can go directly to where you wish. No one wants to be chillin', preparing a nice macaroni-for-one and hear you or your partner bellowing dirty talk in a way that doesn't leave a lot of mystery.In a few hours Vice President Pence will be here in Carson City and guess who gets to meet him? These cowardly actions are despicable & have no place in this Country.Grateful for swift response of @Secret Service, @FBI & local law enforcement.They throw millions of dollars at it with little to no results because the system itself is broken at its core. If you've never been there your not missing much at all. He drew a crowd of over 10,000 people with thousands who couldn't get in. Who voted against giving equal rights and voting rights to blacks? It's no wonder Dems are trying to destroy our history and trying to regulate courses of study in our educational system. Trump had almost 10,000 still outside who couldn't get inside Creepy Uncle Joe had 193 total at his rally..... our country is being invaded Everything We Know About The Explosive Devices Sent To Trump Critics "At least 10 explosive devices were sent to a group of prominent Democrats and Trump critics this week, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic Rep. The devices, which resembled pipe bombs, were mailed to political targets frequently criticized by President Donald Trump and right-wing figures.Put the government in charge of the worlds deserts and within 2 years there will be a shortage of sand! At the same time former Vice President Joe Biden was in Las Vegas (A Democrat stronghold in Nevada and the biggest city by population in the state) and only 193 people showed up, 193! it is probably safe to assume that none of those brought their young daughters with them The Right gets letters of Riacin The Left gets Bombs The people get screwed either way in the confusion and costs to investigate Look here, don't look here..... Authorities believe all of the suspicious packages came from the same sender".

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