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A hairless Sphynx cat prowled the lovely buffet of croissants and fruit on her kitchen island.Salzman, an extremely fit woman wearing the type of thin athleisure sweatshirt that’s all the rage with the middle-aged bourgeoisie these days, turned her attention to a woman sitting at the island: Jacqueline, a 27-year-old psychology student with long dark hair, who told me that she hadn’t experienced anything as effective as Nxivm (pronounced “nexium,” like the heartburn medication). Ron Hubbard, whose 1950 handbook “Dianetics” was billed as the “modern science of mental health” and whose pseudoscientific methods were, in his view, world-changing, Keith Raniere, Nxivm’s 57-year-old founder, believed his organization could heal individuals and transform the world.The teen’s mother reported him missing after she found a note from her son telling her he was gone and not to look for him.The defendants had allegedly lured the boy away from his family “with the promise of a better life,” authorities said.“She had a horrible life.” But at the same time, she said, her upbringing made her feel as if she always needed a man to protect her.

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After police arrived at their mobile home in May 2018, the four men moved from St. With the help of other law enforcement agencies, St.Within half an hour, Jacqueline had “upgraded” her belief system; closing her eyes, she said the tightness in her chest that she typically got when she thought about flying was gone.She also agreed to do one thing that terrified her each day for the next 30 days, and on a day when she indulged in a man’s attention, she would do two terrifying things.The two boys were living in the trailer with four men — Mark Earl Dennis, 52, Andrew Barry Dennis, 45, Curtis Lee Gruwell, 34, and Michael Wayne Schwartz, 51.Police said that Mark Dennis falsely claimed to be the 16-year-old boy’s biological father. Investigators believe that in April 2017, the teen from Marion County had expressed unhappiness at his home to a family acquaintance, Eleanor Faye Mc Glamory.

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