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These languages exhibit fairly significant differences, especially in vocabulary. Because of fiisional processes on the morpheme boundaries, such truncated forms may differ from the actual stem.

Although traditionally they have been termed dialects, some scholars prefer to view them as separate languages and speak about "a Yukaghir language family" rather than "the Yukaghir language" (Kurilov 2001; Maslova 2003). For example, KJ 'strange, odd' is represented by the participle pailiče, where -če is a participial affix.

Preface Yukaghir is spoken in the extreme North-East of Siberia. The presentation of the data from the 20th century sources basically follows the same format as for modern Kolyma Yukaghir.

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The modern Tundra Yukaghir materials are taken from published sources, while the modern Kolyma data were obtained through my own fieldwork conducted in the 1980s-1990s. In some cases it is difficult to see whether we are dealing with a compound or a suffix, e.g. If the second component of a compound does not exist independently, it is cited as a separate entry.

Although some lacunae are inevitable, the book presents the first fairly comprehensive lexicographic description of Kolyma Yukaghir. If a compound is represented in only one source, for modern Kolyma and Tundra Yukaghir it is given as a whole.

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