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The following is a list of characters that first appeared during 2008, by order of first appearance.

They were all introduced by series producer Cameron Welsh.

Things escalate when Miles discovers Kirsty is working as an escort at the Sands, where Martin is paying for such services, leading to a confrontation between Miles and Martin.

Martin causes further irritation when he reveals himself as Kirsty’s secret benefactor.

One of his first acts is to hire Jazz Curtis (Rachel Gordon) as his secretary, after she blackmails him, after seeing him at an illegal fight Ric Dalby (Mark Furze) is involved in. After a clash with one of his former students, Kirsty, Martin hires her as Jazz’s replacement.

He forms an attraction to Kirsty, even to the extent of taking the blame for being Kirsty’s three-year-old son, Oliver (Oliver Davis) breaking his arm while Annie Campbell (Charlotte Best) and Jai Fernandez (Jordan Rodrigues) are supposed to be babysitting him.

The strain of recent events becomes apparent and Martin leaves for a cruise but not before appointing Gina Austin (Sonia Todd) new principal.

Axel Hay portrayed by Trent Dalzell made his first appearance on 19 March 2008.

Axel and Jai are involved in a road accident caused by Aden's father, Axel dies as a result.Home and Away is an Australian television soap opera.It was first broadcast on the Seven Network on 17 January 1988.He reveals to Kirsty that his mother brought him up on his own, like she is doing with Oliver while his father, Kane (Sam Atwell) is in prison.Martin learns of Kirsty’s relationship with Miles and he fires her but writes her a reference enabling her to get a job at the sands resort.

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