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A college friend and I were reminiscing about how we used to have lengthy, meaningful conversations on AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) when we were back in high school and college.I’d be up late and bored so I’d sign on to AIM, scan my buddy list and message ‘sup’ to whichever of my friends were online at the time.In his analysis, Ben maps communication technology along two axes: (1) synchronicity and (2) audience.It’s interesting to see the how 100 million user consumer apps have targeted certain user psychologies to carve out a niche.

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AOL instant Messenger (AIM) service is a free online service that lets you communicate with family, friends and co-workers in real time.With Video IM, Screen Name Linking, AIM Games and Mobile IM, instant messaging has become more fun than ever!AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) Features AIM 6.1, added Buddy List docking, support for inserting images into Buddy Info, the ability to change the highlight colors of the UI, improvements to the displaying of Linked Screen Names, several bug fixes, and improved Windows Vista support.This was something that could not occur in real life or over the phone — only on AIM.We were in the early days of the internet and we brought the social norms and conventions of a face-to-face or 1:1 phone conversation online.

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