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Beta's AMS dating standard service reports results in 14 business days or less. Contact us for​​ shipping ​instructions for your region ​​before sending your samples. IMPORTANT: The laboratory does not undertake the dating of manuscripts, objects of art or other valuable or priceless items unless they are submitted and paid for by a recognized governmental agency, major museum, or other official agency that is investigating the materials as part of multidisciplinary scholarly process.As a tracer-free lab, Beta Analytic does not accept samples with "tracer Carbon-14" or any materials that have been artificially enhanced with Carbon-12, Carbon-13, Carbon-14 or any other isotope to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. Avenida das Nações Unidas, nº 12.551 - 9º andar Cep: 04578-000 - São Paulo Brazil Tel: 55 (21) 39585790 Fax: ( 55) 11-3443-7401 Email: [email protected] of Operation: AM - 6 PM BRT (Mon-Fri)Beta Analytic a technique used by scientists to learn the ages of biological specimens – for example, wooden archaeological artifacts or ancient human remains – from the distant past. To understand radiocarbon dating, you first have to understand the word Although an element’s number of protons cannot change, the number of neutrons can vary slightly in each atom.It can be used on objects as old as about 62,000 years. Atoms of the same element that have different numbers of neutrons are called isotopes. Most carbon on Earth exists as the very stable isotope carbon-12, with a very small amount as carbon-13.The unstable carbon-14 gradually decays to carbon-12 at a steady rate. Scientists measure the ratio of carbon isotopes to be able to estimate how far back in time a biological sample was active or alive.This plot shows the level of carbon-14 in the atmosphere as measured in New Zealand (red) and Austria (green), representing the Southern and Northern Hemispheres, respectively.

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by Dr Carl Wieland An attempt to explain this very important method of dating and the way in which, when fully understood, it supports a ‘short’ a term for radiocarbon dating based on timestamps left by above-ground nuclear explosions, and it is especially useful for putting an absolute age on organisms that lived through those events.In The Cosmic Story of Carbon-14 Ethan Siegel writes: The only major fluctuation [in carbon-14] we know of occurred when we began detonating nuclear weapons in the open air, back in the mid-20th century.Now with time, these Carbon atoms, due to very little radioactivity, change into C-14, the speed of the reaction being very very slow.By calculating the proportion of C-12 and C-14 in an object, one can easily estimate the time when the reaction had started or in simple words, the age of the object, using simple Chemical kinetics.

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