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My name is Steven Christ and I am a Doctoral Clarinet student at the University of South Carolina!

I was wondering if you knew anything about the copyright pertaining to that picture?

If memberships were shared by families and friends, we would not be able to support your Zoo as effectively.

Not only does requiring an ID protect the value of all memberships, but it also protects you if your card is ever lost or stolen.

Only those adults named on your membership may use the membership card.

The Family Plus and Zookeeper levels will allow extra guests with each visit, so upgrading may be right for you.

Only general daytime admission fees may be applied toward a membership; special event admission, attraction and other tickets purchased are not applicable.Please note that email requests after pm will be handled on the next business day.Be aware that we cannot call another institution on your behalf.Click "Find My Membership Cards," then enter your last name and phone number. (Please allow up to 4 hours after purchase for the system to update with your information.) If you are having trouble downloading your e Membership Card, you can always show a photo ID at any admission booth.But for faster service at the Gate, we recommend downloading the e Membership card.

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