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I believe the coach drops off at conradstraat near the central station.How would I get to the spa from there, and how much would the transport cost?The Netherlands is an ideal place to go if you enjoy a trip to the beach.There are plenty of places which are ideal for family days out or trips with friends, however there is also a wide array of nudist or clothing optional beaches for those who prefer to engage in friendly social nudity when they are on a beach.Topless sunbathing is allowed on most beaches in the country, so feel free to sunbath like this, unless there are signs prohibiting such behavior.To spot areas reserved for nudist, look for signs saying “naakstrand” or ”naturistenstrand”.for your concern , as a woman I wont appreciate that at all - I face this situation with one man who was...Hi , Indeed there is no version in English of the website but with google translate it's quite understandable ...

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Be sure to check out: The best beaches in the Netherlands There are some secluded beaches which are entirely dedicated to social nudity, whereas other beaches have official nudist areas which are clearly marked.

On beaches with specific nudist areas, it is important that appropriate levels of clothing are always worn on all other areas of the beach.

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