Myspace spam dating friends

WWW:: Myspace works by interacting with the site through a User Agent object, using HTTP:: Request:: Form to process forms.

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You’re not the first person who has indicated that they find the user interface on My Space more than a bit baffling, so I’ll show you the trick to finding the Friend Request Manager, okay?

He told : "Account recovery on Myspace takes scarily little information – even worse part is that they don't verify the email fields. Myspace is no longer the social networking mega-monster it once was, although that"s no excuse for poor security.

You can reset with full name and username, which you can get from the profile page, and date of birth, which can be easily found or guessed." The vulnerability allows anyone access to any Myspace account, with only these three pieces of information. And yet last year, it emerged that it managed to leak the details of 360 million Myspace accounts.

It provides a simple interface for scripts to log in, access lists of friends, scan user's profiles, retreive profile data, send messages, and post comments.

This module is designed to help you automate and centralize redundant tasks so that you can better handle keeping in personal touch with numerous friends or fans, or coordinate fan communications among multiple band members.

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