Most uniform way of dating documents

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So get in the habit of using the "Save As" dialogue box to file your document as well as name it, putting it in the right place in the first place.

Within an office, this is typically accomplished by using a file server or network attached storage device (NAS).Some operating systems (such as Unix) do not allow spaces in file or folder names, so avoid this if your computing environment is mixed. the drive letter folder names file name) is 260 characters.Use common abbreviations wherever possible, such as Jan for January or Corp for Corporation.These are the drawers of your computer’s filing cabinet, so to speak.Use plain language to name your folders; you don’t want to be looking at this list of folders in the future and wondering what “TFK” or whatever other interesting abbreviation you invented means.

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    The RA numbers are mostly hand-written and accompany the standard Doulton marks.

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    In 2017, Richardson co-presented How to Retire at 40 on Channel 4.