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When you feel confident that your presence is well established on a channel, you can move to another.

Knowing who to pitch to is as important as knowing where to pitch. This is why it’s smart to create ‘buyer personas’ – the customers you might run into when selling on various channels.

Your sales process can go beyond the boundaries of normal websites by integrating different channels as well as a mobile-friendly design.

You can use tools like live chat that are normally associated with support to create proactive sales campaigns that reach out to customers who browse your products.

The sooner they can reach their favorite channel, the greater the chances of you getting another sale.

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Score a couple of ‘Ohs’ like that and you will get a sale.

In multi-channel marketing, all these options are equally viable if they all lead to sales. You need a consistent brand story across channels so that customers can pick the channel they want to use (whilst hopefully still choosing you). Potential customers should have an easy way to switch to a different channel and they shouldn’t have to start the entire process from scratch when they do.

Multi-channel marketing allows you to get a bigger slice of the market.

Preparing a simple Google Forms survey will take 5 minutes of your time and will give you a lot of information on the channel preferences of your customers.

You can start with the 3-4 most popular channels and build your way up from that.

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