Meta dll updating

I'd rather get it working using a reference from A if possible.Update reference (the reference is set to Auto Update, so I shouldn't need to). I've also tried removing the reference completely and re-adding it. Rebuilding the solution doesn't fix the problem either.I've checked that the dll referenced by project A is in the directory specified in the output path in the build properties tab of project B.I changed the output path in the build properties of project B back to Debug/bin and built the project.There is documentation inside mt4that should get you started without problems, the idea is quite simple, if you already know R you will intuitively understand what you can do with this library. The API reference is also available for browsing it online.

meta dll updating-41

If you want to redistribute it as part of your own project you must release all your source code that links to this DLL (all your mql4 code that includes the header file) under GPL too!If you need a commercial license for a commercial closed source project then please contact me.However, the reference to assembly B is not being updated in solution when I update the code in project B, even though I am making sure that I recompile the code in project B and then in project A.Now you can bulid your project so whenever you bulid yout project B your B Project's dll copy to the Project A's bin folder.One thing I've noticed is that when the project reference is removed and re-added to project A, the dll and pdb files have the date modified of when the assembly was added.

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