Mature bisexual chat

I came to realise that was internalised biphobia I had to unlearn – bisexuality doesn’t have to be synonymous with sexual experience, non-monogamy, or promiscuity (though equally could be for someone else).

My friends universally acknowledge my sexuality, certainly. Whether some of them understand, though, that’s a different matter.

Thousands of people may identify as bisexual, but the sexuality still faces a great deal of stigma in gay and straight communities alike.

Whether bi people are left to navigate bi-erasure, more prevalent health threats or an increased risk of sexual violence, the unique stakes for bisexual people are still little understood.

Today, online dating is becoming increasingly popular and is offering people a new way to find happiness.

We accept topics on everything and anything relating to being bi, whether it’s your story in coming out as a bisexual, your mental wellbeing or a general chit-chat!

Everyone is welcome; men, women, mums, granddads, pansexuals.

Connect with us – You can find Bisexual Alliance Victoria on Facebook, Twitter, and we host two Yahoo! Events – A listing of the regular events held, including the Bi Chats.

A forum for bisexuals and those that are bi curious, a place for bi men and women to chat, gossip and share advice online anonymously with other bi members.

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