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Brinkman had asked to be allowed to ride with Kelly in the dugout that overturned, but was ruled down by director George Marshall." columnist Erskine Johnson reports: "To match an exterior scene shot in Africa for Duel in the Jungle, 16 Indian elephants were marched onto a movie set in London.After the elephants were fitted with large false ears and phony tusks so they would look exactly like their wild African cousins."They got all gussied up for the Academy doings to accept the gold statues for Susan Hayward and Marlon Brando had the voting gone that way.’And not a single TV camera caught us during the entire evening,' they ailed." columnist Erskine Johnson reports that her long feud with fellow 20th Century-Fox actress June Haver ended with June's retirement to become a Sister of Charity.However, it’s unlikely that it will be the actress’ new Beverly Hills home, where she and Brinkman were moving into at the time of their break-up.An extensive redecorating job was to be done on the house before they were to move in.Paul started to walk out, but Jane thought better of it." elopes and marries business executive Paul Frederick Brinkman at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Beverly Hills, California. He has been a Warner and Columbia contract player known as Paul Brooks and will become a top executive of a missile parts manufacturing company and, later, of a helicopter concern.

She claims when she locked him out of her bedroom, he knocked the door down and beat her head against the bed until she submitted to him. Brinkman says he is "deeply shocked" at her "wild-irresponsible and untrue" accusations admitting he and Jeanne had "certain disputes concerning her mother." He charges his mother-in-law was being "hostile" to him and was "trying to break up the marriage." Brinkman’s lawyer files a cross complaint divorce action accusing her of having an affair with their Beverly Hills neighbor, Homer Hoch Rhoads, president of Burbank's Hydro Aire Company, which is said to have started in December 1955.

“Internationally famous still photographer Peter Basch, visiting here briefly to shoot movie town’s beauties, has a date for a sitting with the red-haired actress, which she plans to keep.

It couldn’t be determined just where the pictures will be shot.

after filming Something for the Birds at 20th Century-Fox, she will ask for a two-month vacation. "And I've got an idea my new schedule is going to be just as hot and heavy.

But I want some time with my family." columnist Harrison Carroll reports her and Jean Peters pouting when talking to him on the Vicki set.

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