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This allows you plenty time to chat and flirt with your date to find out if its someone you'd like to see again and not too long if they're not your cuppa tea.

Darwin could convince the scientific community about of evolution[*].Creationism is the collection of diverse, often contradictory hypotheses, claims and phoney arguments attempting to reconcile the literalist belief with reality, and more importantly, attempting to 'disprove' and replace scientific theories with - and also the movement pushing it.Altough the bogeyman in creationist-talk is 'evolution' - or, as they like to twist the word, 'evilution' - their assault (which is integral part of the 'moral values' back-to-the-Middle-Ages offensive of evangelicals) in fact is against much of modern science in a lot of fields.Then there are the hypotheses of abiogenesis (which, note, is not itself part of evolution).Paleontology is incompatible with Biblical literalism not just on grounds of timescales, but also the inferred not-at-all-like-today complete biospheres and living conditions.

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