Letland dating sider

-(Handbuch Philatelie und Postgeschichte) Hamburg : Harry von Hofmann Verlag, 1998.

Also about postage stamps of this period: Lettland : Die Briefmarken in Rubel-Währung 1918- 1922 / Harry von Hofmann (red.).

In 1812 the Alexander-arch was build on the street, a triumph arch in honour of the victory of Alexander I over Napoleon.

So the street was called around 1818 Alexanderstreet and in 1861 ‘Great Alexanderstreet’.

Here below a card from Riga to Middelburg (Netherlands) with the theatre of Riga: The address-side of this card: The postmark of Riga is one-rings, ‘cross-date’. In the middle the day stays first, under it the month (in Roman numerals), left of the whole the century and right the rest of the year. About the theatre on the two cards above: the National Opera House was constructed in 1863 by the St.

In circular 13 of 5 April 1890 the instruction arrived to use Roman numerals for new stamps. Petersburg architect Ludwig Bohnstedt, for the then German-speaking City Theatre.

M-12-B 1925: M-12-B: this cover has a machine cancellation with the text ‘IZSTĀDE – TIRGUS RIGĀ-19VII-1925g. VIII-1928, the last line FAIR in French, German and English), serial letter B, used 20-VII.28 (first date) until 13.

So we have to distinguish: Machine A: ‘L’ more left, with serial A (M-04-A) And machine B: I. VIII-1928 FOIRE-MESSE-FAIR (Exhibition – fair Riga 29VII-12.

In the tables of von Hofmann and Juris Mors this machine cancellation is indicated as M-05-B. M-10-B Card with the machine cancellation M-10-B with the text IZSTĀDE – TIRGUS RIGĀ-22. VIII-1923 FOIRE-MESSE-FAIR (Exhibition – fair Riga 22. VIII-1923, the last line FAIR in French, German and English) , serial letter B. Text in the flag: PERKAT LATVIJAS RAZOJUMUS (Buy Latvian products). M-08-B M-08-B is a machine cancellation with ‘L’ (3 mm indented) and three stars before the 3 upper shorter lines. In the datestamp the country name is in the new orthography (LATVIJA), with serial letter B, with 9 segment bars in the segments above and below. There is a machine cancellation like this, but then the ‘L’ is placed more left (left as the last 5 lines, not indented): M-13-B. Juris Mors makes a difference between M-11-Ba (RIGA = 11mm) and M-11-Bb (RIGA = 13 mm). M-15-B Here the last postmark of the first period with serial letter ‘B’, in the tables M-15-B.In 1936 the triumphal arch is replaced to the park Viestura verplaatst (north of the Elizabethstreet).This park was the first public city-park, in 1721 on order of Peter the Great constructed as ‘Emperors garden’.

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