Late ovulation and pregnancy dating sav client not updating

While some studies have found no significant difference in the rate of induction between women who have a first trimester scan and women who have both a first and second trimester scan .The analysis was therefore unable to conclusively determine whether the benefits of the recommendation would be likely to outweigh the costs.

The study found a negligible rise in temperature at the ultrasound beam’s focal point.Ultrasound examination in the first trimester allows accurate assessment of gestational age, and identifies and allows for appropriate care of women with multiple pregnancies.Methods used to assess gestational age include known date of ovulation, date of the last menstrual period () and diagnostic ultrasound.While a maximum number of additional scans (75,500) and associated costs ($A4.53 million) was estimated, the benefits vary considerably depending on whether a decrease in inductions is assumed, from $A230,000 if only improved power of maternal serum testing is included, to around $A17 million if a decrease in inductions is assumed, with an additional saving of around $A5 million if the link between induction and caesarean section is included.A range of health professionals may be trained to carry out ultrasounds, including midwives, Aboriginal health workers and GPs.

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