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She does not her body any longer, whereas she should discover her own self in “the mysterious maze of the body.” A sense of lack is inscribed in her life just as it is inscribed in her body, a revelation which spurs her to go to the wood as often as possible.

From one visit to another, the connection with the wood becomes stronger and her powers of perception increase when she is among the trees and she progresses through the clearing towards the hut as if she were performing a sacred journey.

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The game-keeper, conceived as “a product of nature,” “ the natural result of his body’s own propriety,”3 is Lawrence’s best a striking example of the mastery of space over time.Space structures the novel, symbolic places are opposed : Wragby and the wood, Wragby and Tevershall.Not only does the shift from the frame of general history to the dramatic scene of chapter IV and the concrete narrative mode of chapter V establish the context for the contrast between Clifford and Mellors, it also epitomises the fact that the novel’s third person narrative is from now on centred on the consciousness of a focal character, Connie.Indeed by returning increasingly to Connie’s point of view, Lawrence brings to the surface the potential for epiphany that is latent in the writing.

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