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Even the hottest and strongest guy benefits from a long-term partner to raise children with and satisfy his fundamental human need for emotional attachment and connection. Follow me on Twitter @Dr Zhana for daily updates on the latest in sex research, check out my website or my Facebook page for more information about me, or sign up for my monthly newsletter to stay up to date with all my sex research-related activities. For example, a man with a high libido realizes that in order to get women, he has lose to weight, work out at the gym, get new clothes, a new hair cut and shave, finish college and get a job.

Further, the desire for committed sex is in no way related to any anatomical features. Because long-term romantic bonds are adaptive to , regardless of people’s attractiveness, strength, or any other factor. In many cases the cause and effect are reversed from what is assumed in this article.Women: Attractiveness Correlates with Experience, but Not Desires For women, attractiveness plays a somewhat different role.In societies where the sexes are allowed to mingle freely, attractive women get approached more often, and by more men, and so could end up with more sex partners simply because of more opportunity.If you’re looking to make more meaningful connections, then Soulmates is a great place to start.We’re regularly told by members that the Soulmates community is welcoming, friendly and encouraging of difference.

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