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After graduating with a BA in Psychology from the University of Ottawa, Cassandra signed with Ford Models and embarked on a formative stint as a fashion model, a career that had her living short-term in each of Tokyo, London, Paris, Sydney, Milan and Athens.

Cassandra went on to complete her MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, and returned to the corporate side of Ford Models to create a digital booking platform, an app the company still uses today.

In the app-ocalypse of Tinder, Bumble, Raya and beyond, Last First offers a luxury alternative to make dating less random and more meaningful.

Founder Emily Holmes Hahn combines her sophisticated social networks and innate way of connecting with friends and strangers alike to shape the Last First brand.

An impassioned foodie, Rachel is an equal lover of flavorful Thai and technical French cuisines, and can often be found indulging at the newest and hottest tables.

She resides in Williamsburg and is drawn to any travel opportunity, finding a sense of home anywhere from a Berlin Air Bn B to her luxury camp at Burning Man.

We also love the challenge of matching any ‘type’ we’ve never matched before.

Our mission is to send these people, once vetted and accepted, on their last first dates.Emily enjoys strong coffees and boutique champagnes (often in the same sitting), and loves any occasion she can dress for.Ballet, cycling, yoga and lots of reading provide balance to her busy life.Rachel’s passion now lies in connecting Last First members in a way that’s both scientific and highly intuitive.Beyond sourcing and making matches, arranging dates, conducting interviews for network members and logging post-date feedback, Rachel becomes a fast friend and trusted confidante to every one of her clients.

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