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Some platforms do not support turning off LPT ports for instance.* client: task schedule tweak to avoid starvation case. This release contains the following fixes: * Improvements to the CPU and GPU scheduler * Improvements to work fetch * Improvements to AMD GPU identification * Limit the number of messages in the event log to 2000, which avoids continuous memory usage by the UI * Images should now be able to be displayed with notices Please report test results to Please report bugs to this email list ([email protected]). ----- Rom Disclaimer On development versions of BOINC: - Expect parts of it to be broken, or in the least to work in a different way than you are used to.* VBOX: Adjust the set_cpu_usage() and set_network_usage() function prototypes to use ints and handle the preference conversion in the calling function.

* client: fix bug in work fetch that caused infinite RPCs if all projects backed off. On Linux the currently signed-in user has to be added to the vboxusers group in order to handle bridging USB devices.Since we do not know of any VM enabled problem that needs to communicate with an external USB device, just disable the feature entirely.* VBOX: Start keeping track on incompatible versions of Virtual Box.- Expect work failures, deadline misses and losing all your accumulated work in progress, or not getting credit for your work due to unknown and unforeseen circumstances.- Only use it when you are willing to participate in the Alpha test program and do not mind sending (bug) reports in to the developers on the email list specially assigned for this purpose.

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