Interracial dating bibblical beliefs

As a result, up until the 1950`s, most of the States had laws on the books against interracial marriage.

It had been decades since those laws were enforced, never the less they served as a reminder that the United States was formed upon Christian principles and laws.

A 90 minute listen could change forever the way you understand the Bible. Serious genealogists require a paper trail to document their genealogical facts.

In this, the Christian-Israel truth stated above, there is not one - at least not in the conventional sense.

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The god of political correctness prevails in the minds of every man, woman, and child in America.

As the reader analyzes the subject, it will probably become evident that man`s law changes, depending on the individuals who currently rule and make the laws. It is the proven standard, the rulebook by which nations, a people, withstand the elements of time.

In the founding of America, the Bible was the primary document by which civil laws originated.

Clearly, reading the old documents and manuscripts of the Founders, their intent was that America was to be a Christian nation under the direction of God Yahweh (God's name, pronounced Yah-Way), the Father, and Jesus Christ the Son.

Their rulebook, the Holy Bible, was to be the guide.

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