International dating customs dating non muslim man

It is considered bad luck if the wedding takes place when the moon is not bright.The wedding celebrations can last several days but the bride’s parents do not attend because it is too sad for them and the event is intended to be a joyous one.Lobola is intended to bring together two families, fostering mutual respect.It also indicates that the groom is financially capable of supporting his wife.

The rite of passage is a controversial African custom that varies from tribe to tribe.

Each group of people have customs that are unique to them.

However, in all ethnic groups throughout Africa, the family unit is of the utmost importance and it is reflected in the customs of each tribe.

Germans do not tell lie, even to their partner Every country has their own means to show “politeness”.

While in some other countries politeness means showing attitude that wouldn’t hurt the other ones, Germans don’t think the same. And respect means telling the truth to somebody, rather than making up some lies to be found out later.

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