Interest examples dating

Pretty much any fun fact about Sarah Palin is gold. Other dudes have probably messaged her that exact line.This one just happens to be one of the funnier ones. But by revealing what you like to do she learns a little bit about you, thus making you more human in her eyes and thus more worthy of a response. You’re showing a genuine interest in getting to know her while (hopefully) making her laugh. Any devout follower of The Office will recognize this variation of a Michael Scott quote.

For the intrepid online dater, this one line is your only chance to make an impact.

But when that first impression is reduced to a single line it becomes magnified.

If meeting someone in person, you have time to redeem yourself or shape your image.

Take a note from the greats and think of the first message you write as a rough draft.

Compose yourself before sending it off and ask if you can write an even better online dating first message. She’s already getting inundated with vapid “H factor” words like: hi, hey, hello, hola, etc.

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