Inmate dating canada

* Female Prison has not "Officially" investigated the entire set of circumstances surrounding the offense of any Inmate listed on this website.* Prisoners are the sole publishers of the information listed on the inmate's Profile.

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* Users (You) are using the information provided by this website at the user's (your) own risk.It doesn’t teach them to stop airing stupid opinions. *PRISONERS JUSTICE DAY SPECIAL BROADCAST* August 10th 2019 4pm-10pm EST on @CFRC 101.9FM and @CJAI 92.1FM Remembering all who have died in Canadian prisons Accepting your messages and song requests now [email protected]// 613-417-3359 // @CPRkingston When I see these Bell phonebooths with bars across, I think of all the PEOPLE behind bars in Ontario Jails suffering while @Bell profits off overpriced collect calls from jails & prisons. I think of the isolation caused bcz @Bell payphones prisoners use can only call landlines NXif8 Just off the phone with Korey Wise. But one dating web site we found has victims advocates and psychologists outraged.It’s called “Canadian Inmates Connect” — and it features, violent criminals — including convicted murderers — looking for love.

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