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So, without further ado, here are 10 reasons why you should date an Indian girl.White girls go tanning to look like us, and come out of the tanning salon looking like clementines. Say no more if you have an ex you want to mess with or parents who recently cut you off; we'll take care of it.We'll prank call whoever has been messing with you and pretend to be an Indian take-out restaurant with our legit-sounding accents."Thank you, come again."Does your wedding involve the groom riding in on an elephant? How about four separate, over-the-top ceremonies commemorating the bride and groom? Indian women have some of the most luscious hair amongst all types of women across the world.

Your Pakistani date will be great fun and you’ll share lots of happiness, smiles, good conversation and precious moments with him, all the while knowing that he will be hoping for a strong, close relationship and the building of a close-knit family. The best way to go about doing this is to join an international or interracial dating service, such as International Love, e Harmony, Meet Asian Singles, or the well-known Asian Dating, where you can meet single people from all the Asian countries, including Pakistan.While the country’s official language is Urdu, most Pakistanis are fluent in English, therefore communication should not be of concern.As with most nationalities within the Asian region, the inhabitants of Pakistan are friendly and very polite.I'm a Starbucks gold card member and I would still take an Indian-style chai made at home over a Starbucks chai latte any day. Lululemon will continue to make overpriced, trendy, stretchy pants and Equinox will continue to charge asinine prices for yoga classes.A typical homemade chai is made with cinnamon sticks, some fresh ginger, a dash of masala spice or dry mix, and a black tea of your choice, like Darjeeling. Still, fact remains that despite these attempts to commercialize yoga, it was founded in a Hindu context millions of years ago, with the goal of introspection through a lens of divinity. We value our parents' opinions more than those from any other culture.

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