How to not take dating too seriously

When you take this approach, you’ll find yourself worrying less about whyyy he hasn’t texted and you won’t feel like a needy wench if you message him the day after you hang out to say “Hey! ” When you take the phrase dating out of your vocabulary and think of it as just getting to know someone, you will find a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

You’ll also be able to evaluate your feelings easier.

Why are you putting so much pressure on yourself every time you meet up with a guy?

Why are you allowing the idea of “dating” control you and the feelings you may or may not be having?

He might have seen it as simply hanging out and getting to know a girl he thought was cool.

In his mind, he’ll see you again, simply, when he sees you again.

To avoid personalized advertising based on your mobile app activity, you can install the DAA's App Choices app here.Or, maybe you just haven't had enough relationships to practice finding a rhythm and investment strategy that works out best for you.There is no standard number of relationships or months or years, as we tend to learn at different rates and require adaptation to different preferences from one another anyway.You might not even like the guy you went on a “date” with but because you’ve been waiting on edge to see if he’d ask you out again you’ve become attached.So, when a week passes by and you haven’t heard from him, you feel rejected.

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