Guilt about dating

He validates everything he does to upset you by convincing himself that you have done worse to him.

He would never allow you to make him feel guilty for hurting you by projecting all of his guilt onto you.

He acts like everything he does is for you and pretends to be more involved or committed to the relationship.

If you're unable to go to a work event with him because you already have plans of his own, he'll make you feel guilty by saying that he'd cancel his work event to go to yours... He says things like, "I'd do that for you and you'd never do that for me," to make you feel bad about putting yourself before him.

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He never does anything unconditionally and expects you to do everything unconditionally. He's the kind of person who'll do housework just so he can rub in your face that he "puts in more work than you do" when it comes to tending to your home.

He basically flips it on you and somehow you are feeling bad for what you do or have done to him.

When you get into arguments, he makes his behavior your fault.

You can't remember a time when he was the one who apologized.

Instead, all you can remember is how many times you have apologized because you were made to feel beyond guilty for both your actions and his actions.

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