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If content within a comment thread is important to you, please save a copy.I have a Grid View that, for some odd reason, seams to fire twice with I click the "Update" linkbutton. The first time through it perfroms the update, then it tries a second time to do the update again, except the 2nd time around there are no form values to pass so it errors out. I have tried to not override in control and instead use.…continue reading » I am using a SQLData Source to populate my gridview in 2.0.A common problem people have with Grid Views is understanding when to data bind the data source to the Grid View.-Frinny Hi all, I seem to be having the same issue but I don't quite follow the trouble with the above post.Can you explain the T/S a little more or maybe point me to another post that may have already covered it?I put a breakpoint on the Row Updating event handler and found that the event is not fired.…You should create your data source once (on the user's first visit) and store it into Session for later use, and only bind the Grid View to the data source when it is necessary to do so.

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Example asp Template Field Item Template asp Button id="btn Edit" runat="server" commandname="Edit" text="Edit" / asp Button id="btn Delete" runat="server" commandname="Delete" text="Delete".…It seems like the Java Script can get mangled otherwise.I want to further process them using Gridview Onrowcommand event but How would I know which particular link has actually raised the event.At this point in time the above Edit Item Template is displayed with two Image Buttons within it.My problem lies in that the click on the Update Image Button posts back, but neither the Row Command nor Row Updating events get triggered.

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