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” he smiled laying his head on your forehead making you blush and giggle lightly. If you have the highest sex rate why are you on the top ten worst lovers list? Greece glared at the smirking French man only to receive a glare back.Walking up behind you, France wrapped his arms around your waist.“Tiens, why don’t we let ___ decide hm? ” Greece smiled and licked your cheek.“That’s a wonderful idea. Sleeping with a Greek can be rather exhausting.” France scoffed.“Rather, you can see why the French are the champions of love making oui?“Ngh…hello, (name)…” Heracles mumbles without truly looking at his visitor, instead focusing on stroking the soft fur of one of his many cats that is sharing the bed with him.

From Heraclitus’ understanding of the ever-changing nature of life, to Epictetus’ and Seneca’s cautionary words about the perils of desire, to Aristotle advising us to educate the heart as well as the mind, there’s much food for thought here. Heraclitus (circa 535-475 BCE) is considered the most important pre-Socratic Greek philosopher. Little is known of his life and we have only a few sentences of his work.

Since you were a bit troubled sleeping that night, you proceeded to watch the rest of the movies to hopefully make you sleepy (btw, they brought 5 DVDs). I know it’s odd because it’s France x Reader, but try it and see if you like it.

While you were in the middle of watching the 4th movie, you heard several loud voices inside your bedroom. Fun fact: I know how to speak a few different languages. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *SMACK* ____ quickly whipped her head around to glare at Francis.

Quotations from Heraclitus: This last quotation is his most famous.

It sounds both the theme of impermanence and the idea that our identities are fluid and ever-changing, so we need not get attached to the mental state of the moment and think we will be that way from now on.

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