Girls dating guide

- In “The Pickup”, we will walk through a pickup from start to finish.

This includes everything you will need to do in order to successfully approach a woman, get her number, and even take her home with you from a bar.

Fundamentally, it is the chase for this feeling which controls the actions of both men and women in their search for a mate.

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Get Any Girl is first and foremost based on you and your ability to use this concept to attract women...

But for a woman, the strongest feelings come from a "mental-model" they construct in their minds, something imagined.

And this is the key to understanding how to attract women, because knowing how to complete a woman's mental-model is ultimately the secret to triggering a strong feeling of attraction in her.

- In “Game Theory”, we will utilize the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to lay a foundation for new behavioral-patterns based on "The Pillars of Attraction".

These are the characteristics used to complete a woman's "mental-model" and trigger attraction.- In “Self-Empower”, we will utilize several techniques to clear you of any limiting-beliefs which could be hindering your self-confidence and your ability to approach new women.

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