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Gibson pickups have arguably done more to change the direction of guitar development than any other.When the brand developed the first humbucker in 1955, it inadvertently provided music with a new, more raucous voice.The Burstbucker Pro is a more modern incarnation of the model, which swaps the Alnico II magnet for an Alnico V magnet.Unlike the other Burstbuckers, which are sold individually, the Pro models are sold in calibrated pairs. The ’57 Classic is another hugely popular Gibson pickup.The original PAF humbuckers varied hugely due to several factors.Firstly, whilst Alnico magnets were always used, the type of magnet (2, 3, 4, or 5) could vary.The standard Burstbucker aims to recreate the best of PAFs with three differing models.

According to Gibson, its output is closer to that of a ’57 Classic.

For example, the new Gibson Les Paul Traditional emulate these classic tones, using the Burstbucker pickups described below.

Burstbuckers are Gibson pickups that aim to authentically recreate the classic tone of a PAF in a modern pickup.

The PAF is the name given to the original Gibson pickup developed in 1955 by Seth Lover.

Up until this point, all pickups had been single coil designs.

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