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You become unable to keep control of your thoughts and language.

These are what I call 'shut-up words', i.e., words intended to intimidate the speaker and silence his further comment.He is a hero because he is one of those rare individuals in the present day for whom principles - and particularly the right of free speech and the uninhibited pursuit of truth - are more important than creature comforts, social ostracism, and even jail.But Dr Toben's heroism is of a special character because he is willing to stand against what is perhaps the most formidable power in the world, and to speak truth to the grand lies which that power supports. 940.5318 Front: Fredrick Toben and Rabbi Yisrael Weiss at The Barnes Review conference in Washington in 2002.Dr Robert Faurisson Vichy, France 29 December 2002 PS: Intercourse with Satan was physically impossible and Hitler's gassings, as described, chemically impossible while the alleged Saddam's WMDs are physically and chemically possible since USA, UK, Israel and few others own such weapons, that they call 'dissuasion' weapons.

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