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A young Mc Arthur attended a one-room schoolhouse outside Woodville.A classmate recalled him trying to be the teacher's pet and informing on mischief by on the other boys, with whom he did not fit in.Mc Arthur had to submit his DNA to a database and was compelled to undertake psychological and psychiatric counselling including anger management.A retired homicide detective noted that parole conditions were unenforceable, were not published or made public knowledge and that parole violators were caught only if they come to the attention of police.Mc Arthur said his boyfriend was on vacation, and when Khan noted he had seen the man the previous day, Mc Arthur angrily left and never returned.

In 2011, Mc Arthur told an acquaintance named Robert James about an incident in which he had been asked to leave a coffeehouse, which caused Mc Arthur to knock all of the glasses off the counter in a rage.Mc Arthur and many of his alleged victims were active on online dating apps for men who have sex with men, where Mc Arthur stated that he wanted to meet submissive men.By April 18, Mc Arthur had been charged with eight counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of missing men, most of whom had been linked to Church and Wellesley.Mc Arthur joined Facebook in 2011 and catalogued his nightlife with pictures of parties, vacations, birthday dinners and concerts.Younger men of South Asian or Middle Eastern descent were in several pictures.

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