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And if you’re worried about your finances, then check out these 52 Ways to Be Smarter with Money in 2018.4. When you’re younger, things like finances and family tend to dictate both where you settle down and whom you settle down with, notes Isabel James, a dating and relationship coach and founder of Elite Dating Managers.However, these things aren’t as much of an issue after your 40s, as “you have already established your career” and “what area you will live in and how you will raise your children are not nearly as important as finding somebody you can enjoy your time with.”5.You’re only legally responsible for yourself A marriage license is a legally-binding contract, and that isn’t taken lightly in the eyes of the law.When someone says “I do” at the altar, they are also accepting liability for their partner’s potential crimes and debts, even if they aren’t responsible for them in any way.

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You have fewer financial burdens Being married is expensive.Therefore, we've consulted the experts to get the low-down on what it's really like to be single over 40.(Spoiler alert: there are a lot of benefits) So settle in—but don't settle down.Once you couple up, you have not only yourself to look after, but your spouse (and possibly even kids) as well—and those extra mouths to feed and provide for can start to add up.One analysis from even found that whereas 27 percent of married couples with kids and 36 percent of childless married couples have credit debt, only 21 percent of single individuals owe money to their credit card companies.

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