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She was a good girl when I got my hands on her, but she was looking for the flimsiest of excuses to get out of that business.

A girl who proclaims she is saving her virginity for marriage while she is rubbing the head of your cock against her clit is lying, my friends.

Gina got back down on top of me, straddling me across my thighs.She had this strange ability to be cute as a button no matter what she was doing. Her teeth were big and perfect and her lips seemed like they could no longer contain them as she beamed her giant smile at you.She was dark of eye and hair, the latter semi long and flowing, the scent of tea roses never absent.Big Jim quickly rose to the occasion, since every time she bent over to reach my upper chest she rubbed into him.That and the view of her lovely, heavy tits dangling over me were quite enough to produce a rigid boner right quick.

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