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She starts to run around the room and bang on the walls. He finds the girls all standing in a row, including Amber who lingers confused at the end of the line. When he arrives at her, he gets right up in her face. Suddenly, there is a very large beep and the General whips his head up. She feels the spot on her head where Vincent had pulled her hair. As soon as his jizz hits her, he realizes what has happened. ' Amber stops dead in her tracks and stares at her. CUT to the white room, as it goes very bright and the General appears. Amber starts pacing around, looking at the white room and the other girls staring blankly at her. In a standoff, Amber gets the general to cum all over her face.He is driving a group of 18-year-old school girls home from class, as he does every week day. Her chest heaving, Amber realizes who the man in the uniform was. 'That's the creep who drives us to school every day. She orgasms loudly as he collapses to the floor in front of her, banging his head. SMASH CUT to VINCENT, banging his head against his desk. Even though his virtual game has been broken, there is nothing stopping him from starting again.Vincent is a disheveled young man, with horned rimmed glasses and scruffy beard. 'It feels nice to be clean again.' They all stare at Amber with beaming smiles. A final exterior shot shows the bus drive off into the distance.His glasses are off, he is clean shaven, and his hair is slicked back, making him a far more confident and striking man. His heart racing, he clutches the strands of her hair in his fist as he drives. Vincent begrudgingly accepts the call and starts talking, while absent-mindedly clicking ENTER to complete the setup.

He says goodbye to his mother and the smart assistant finishes the call. Amber spins around, gathering her thoughts as the pieces come together. 'When you create a room in virtually real, you always need to skin it. Feeling around the room, Amber replies that she plays them all the time. Not looking up, the defeated Ashley says that they wait for him. As they cum, they stagger back behind the action and fall to the floor, disappearing from the game in bright flashes.

When he comes upon Aidra, he looks her up and down, speaking just like a drill Sargent. echoing nervously what her classmates had said including asking the General to fuck her. Aidra crawls over to her original position and sits down. He watches her through his rear-view mirror in fascination.

The General smiles and they begin to have sex, while the other schoolgirls watch jealously and try to cut in. When he has cum inside of her, he zips back up his uniform and orders them to wait until he returns. CUT to a close-up of Vincent taking the VR set off his eyes. She is exhausted, and her eyeliner is running down her face.

He makes each repeat their name, age, and why they are here.

They all eagerly respond that they are here to fuck him. Vincent is driving the bus, as the students chat loudly in the back with no knowledge of what is happening in his private virtual game. She is very quiet and reserved, a stark contrast from the other students. But, when he pulls to the edge of the curb and opens the door, he's surprised that she is the first to get up.

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