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INSTALLATION SOFTWARE ..£15,95 A500 POWER SUPPLY £39,95 WORKBENCH 2.04 KIT £75 MISCELLANEOUS 1 POWERMOUSE ........£1 5 OPTICAL MOUSE £29.95 REPLACEMENT optical mous* nut .£10 100 BRANDED DISKS BOX £69.99 10 BRANDED DISKS £9.95 A 1200 DUSTCOVER £5 AVIATOR 1 JOYSTICK ....,.,.,.,.,.£35 INTRUDER 1 JOYSTICK ........£29.99 MAVERICK 1 JOYSTICK £15.99 PYTHON 1 JOYSTICK £9.99 APACHE 1 JOYSTICK £7.99 Use a VCR as a backup storage device, 200 Amiga Happy disks fit on to a 4Hr tape which can be used for an alternative hard disk backup system.Whatever the size of your personal or small business finances. Combining a spreadsheet, database, and data analyser sections in one fully functioning program, Advantage makes light work of heavy figures. Prepare yourself for one of the most gripping and original platform games ever seen on a computer or con- sole.Sporting 126 spreadsheet functions, keyboard and mouse macros, lighlning-fast calcula- tions, and a choice of 10 types of graph plots, it's just aboul the most advanced finance manager available for your Amiga. compatibility with Lotos 1-2-3 files, ARexx and Transwrite. All the fun of kicking a football around the house., with none of the consequences - could you ask for anything more?You'll also find the latest version of the superb VMorph image processor on the disk. Well, you could ask for a playable demo of F H7A, the brand new action flight simulation from Micro Prose I Take control of a state of the art USAF Stealth Fighter, pass unnoticed through radar traps, seek out and destroy arms factories, and restore world peace. The unveiling took place •noe Museum in Kensington, and despite I Ihe bash wis by invitation only, guests i exceeded Commodore's expectations and a ■ of important industry figures, who arrived ; turned away by an over-zealous safety » doorman (apparency, much to the cha- o* Davtd Pleasance. Of s, industry journalists were treated to a private I almost two weeks earlier, but by all ccounts the console was well received by all impar- aajp IVWUISIl Although Commodore were promising a large number of tides available at launch, quite a few of f»m seem to be old CDTV ones, which |ust happen lo be compatible.Then put the ket- tle on and have another go Alternatively, you could let your hair down with the stomping Euro Retina One techno demo. My Vie 1 6th, amid sweltering heat, Commodwe s cutting edge CD games console, the 032. There was a reasonable devel- oper presence, but Few had completed titles ready to drsplay, just demos.

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