Does consolidating credit card debt affect your credit score japanesedatingagency com

Suppose, your utilization ratio on one credit card is 90% and 80% on another one.When you consolidate both the credit cards through a program and pay off the entire balance, your utilization ratio becomes 1%.If you continue to add charges on other credit cards, then your total utilization ratio won't drop. This would make a negative impact on your credit score.If you take out a debt consolidation loan to consolidate your credit cards, then a new credit inquiry will hit your credit report. Stop using credit cards and lead a frugal life if you want to avoid further debts and improve your score.But how does this debt relief option affect our credit score? Credit-utilization ratio makes 30% of your credit score.

If you’re a smart shopper, apply for consolidation loans within the 45-day period to be in the same ‘inquiry bin’.

So when you max out a credit card, your credit card utilization drops.

When you consolidate and pay off your multiple bills, your utilization ratio drops.

Different types of factors go into generating a credit score.

A slight change can make a big difference in your score. With this point in mind, a credit card consolidation program helps to boost the credit score.

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