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And Bialetti’s Moka Express, which still boasted a futuristic and clever design, suddenly took off.

Post-war Italy had a surging economy, a growing middle class, and the same access to the world’s products that the rest of Europe boasted.

All of the factories set up to create war materials were at a loss for products to make, as were a generation of skilled manufacturers.

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He opened a shop, crafting strong, lightweight aluminum versions of pots and pans that had previously been only available in iron.Legend has it that the idea for the moka pot came from a laundry boiler, though that’s not confirmed.What is known is that the La Pavoni device was very trendy, and there was also a precedent for a smaller coffee machine: the is a small metal device with three sections: a chamber of water, a small puck of coffee in the middle, and a chamber on the other end for brewed coffee.But the Moka Express design—today, “Bialetti Moka Express” is the specific product, while “moka pot” is the general term for this type of coffee maker—took a while to catch on.Italy still had to get embroiled in a couple of World Wars, and then recover.* By the 1950s, Italian design had some amazing advantages.

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