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And it DOES seem like a photo of a nude Caitlyn Jenner(to which Chapelle jokingly referenced with a 'yuck') would not be appealing, since 'she' does still physically look like a man for the most part and a man with womens genitals is probably no more appealing than a woman with womens genitals that has the rest of the body looking like a man.

I think that the mean spirited comics, that only ever lambast EVERYONE else arent nearly as clever as those who can mock across the board even the demographics they are a part of themselves.

Rants and Opinions By Some Educated Former HBCU Attending Brothas, By the way if anyone wants to give us a radio show we would almost do it for free. We welcome your opinions and your comments and now an introduction to YA Boys: Jamiz - The Man With the Master Plan, Fountain/Steve Austin/The Rattle Snake - The Evil One, Thatdamnricsimon - They Love to Hate Him and they Love to Love Him, AIR - Finally a Brotha with a sensitive side, 50-Gran - The Belligerent One. Why the hell is it so hard for restaurants to understand that I don't want cheese on my orders? What do YOU call the non drummette, non tip part of a chicken wing? There is great humor in noting how women pick up on men’s habits. Lemme put these clothes back on the floor…but in a neat pile like I’m going to wash them. Do NOT tell a woman that she's unclean during her period because the Bible said so.

I ate at 3 straight restaurants with burgers and asked all 3 to give me NO cheese and ALL 3 gave me cheese. I had two close homies get engaged, including Big Cuz; one of my ace boon coons get married; and three ex's (and probably around 6-10 women that I just used to smash) go down that path. I was recently shopping in Target, looking for Twister when a particular scene in the toys section caught my eye. Even if I wanted Q-Tips as toys, I NEVER had the luxury of being a big baller in the toy section unless I brought my own money. Once they’ve been around you long enough, they have a pretty good idea of how you function, and ANY deviation from the “norm” is looked at as atypical – even if it’s something you SHOULD be doing! Don’t clean up TOO much or your girl may suspect something!

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I have a brother that did it for years and those guys have some serious observations about the world, I wonder why they are not all secretly suffering from depression with their keen senses.Yeah.”) is tempered with both empathy for the community he routinely mocks and more jokes about that community.His argument is that anyone who would think his words are an excuse to go out and harm someone is an idiot and he doesn’t hate trans people because everyone deserves to be happy. Dave Chappelle makes fun of everybody—you can get these jokes, too.Oh, I was in Penn Station for a sandwich the other day, and I heard a guy muttering "holla holla holla, let me holla at ya, holla holla holla holla," kept saying "holla holla holla" for about 3 minutes. Hmmm..trying to trick you into having sex with them, the other tricking you into thinking you could have sex with them.That reminded me of the skit from The Chapelle Show and made me smile. He was like 35 and looking at the 16 year old cashier that was ignoring him. I remember all his jokes from The Chapelle Show about crackheads.

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