Dating while single and pregnant

You may be the greatest catch on earth, but who, exactly, is looking to partner up with a woman who is going to be the mother of an infant — a breast-feeding, up-all-night, suck-up-all-the energy, dictate when-you-can-and-can’t-go-out infant?

But that’s your choice and I support your ability to make that choice.

Naturally, I do know a woman who successfully dated while pregnant and met a great guy who wanted to become a father. Personally, I think pregnant dating would look a lot more like this. If anything, I have great sympathy for you, as well as admiration for your can-do attitude.What you seem to have barely considered is not simply how YOU feel about this situation but how MEN would feel about dating you at this time.It doesn’t seem like you’ve factored that into the equation, so let me tell you as honestly as I can: most men wouldn’t be interested.Even if I don’t find someone until two years from now, I don’t feel like I should banish myself from meeting people and having a nice time getting to know new men during this stage of my life. I have turned my profiles off for the time being while I think about my approach. Dear Jenny, You’re having a baby out of wedlock with a guy you dated for a couple of months.I’m okay with being alone for the moment, but two more years is a long time to be alone. You’ve decided to keep the child and co-parent, and you’re confident that, as an economically self-reliant woman, the new baby won’t interfere with that. You’ve been a parent longer than I have, so it’s not my job to remind you that being a working single mother with a new baby is just about the hardest job there is on the entire planet.

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