Dating vintage clothing guide

Thirdly, look for a boutique's address on the label with an absence of a zip code.This is a clear sign and dates the clothing as being produced prior to the 1960's (zip codes were not invented until 1963).The best rule of thumb is that if an RN number is 6 digits can be aged from the 80's, while numbers of 5 digits can be dated around the 60's and 70's.So, for example, an RN number of 17272 would put the garment in the mid 60's.Pre-1939 garments will be without a Woolmark logo; which was first placed on the tags of wool clothing in the early sixties as a marketing technique to encourage consumers to buy the natural fibre of wool over polyester and acrylic.Any clothing item with a 100% Woolmark logo will not be older than 1964, 60% Woolmark is no older than 1971 and 50% Woolmark is no older than 1999.There are many hidden treasures to be found on the clothing racks of op shops and for vintage lovers it's important to know exactly what era their find comes from.There are a few important clues to look for when sourcing the age of a garment.

In this burgeoning subculture of people in love with bygone eras, second hand shops are becoming a fashionable hangout.

Along this line, the type of material listed on the garment can be an indicator of age, particularly if it has an unusual name like "Dacron Polyester".

Generally Dacron Polyester indicates the clothing was produced between 19 Polyester was invented in 1941 but first commercially used in 1953 and was the most popular in the 1970s.

As stated before, odd numbers were used to indicate junior sizing for petite women pre-1980s. It is important that you combine this indicator with another sign that the item is vintage to avoid confusing it with a modern article of clothing made in Mexico.

So, if your item is sized 3, 5, 7, 9 etc you can be certain the garment was produced before 1980 (when odd number sizing ceased to be used as separate petite clothing lines began to be created). Prior to 1971, garment labels did no come with care instructions, so check your labels and tags and if there is absolutely no care instructions this will indicate the item is older than 1971.

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