Dating services for professionals nyc

Your NEM professional will take notes, build a file, gage your strengths, and come up with a custom designed plan on how to go about the process of achieving your relationship goals online, and attracting the highest quality singles available.

Once the initiation phase is complete, your NEM professional will begin the process of crafting a custom made profile that is optimized towards attracting the type of matches you are looking to meet.

While most clients choose to remain on the sidelines as our professionals get to work on attracting quality matches, you are more than welcome to log onto your account and be part of the process any time you wish.

As a VIP client, you will also receive unlimited coaching via email, have exclusive text messaging access with your NEM professional, and will have optional access to weekly phone consultations.

Premier Match wants to ensure your dating and relationship success!

In a time period where millions of successful and attractive singles are flocking to online dating sites in increasing numbers, quality singles who are still willing to pay outrageous fees for just three dates from a traditional matchmaker are few and far between.

To make things worse, any “reputable matchmaker” will charge between 10 and 50 thousand dollars for less than a handful of dates that aren’t exactly real “matches.” Spending thousands of hard earned dollars for whatever dates are available isn’t effective, nor is it fiscally responsible.

Next evolution matchmaking is a luxury service that takes the concept of traditional and outdated matchmaking services, to the online dating world of the 21st century.

Traditional Matchmaking Services no longer work in today’s day and age.

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