Dating ring zale

He and his early managers went their separate ways but eventually, he was picked up by Irving Cohen who had the sense to give him a long leash.

Cohen changed the young fighter's name from Barbella to Graziano (his grandfather's surname) and lined up a fight.

The Ring magazine and various newspapers across the United States touted Arnold as the next Joe Louis or Sugar Ray Robinson.

Arnold was a heavy favorite to defeat Graziano and then to go on to fight for the world title, but Graziano absorbed a beating in the early going, before going on to batter and knock Arnold out in the third round of the scheduled eight-round bout.

He escaped from Fort Dix in New Jersey and started his real boxing career under the name of "Rocky Graziano". After gaining popularity under the name of Graziano, he was found by the military.

After his fourth bout, he was called into manager's office to speak with a couple of military personnel.

Zale regained his crown, winning the match by a knockout in the third round.

Expecting to be prosecuted and sent back to the military or jail, he fled. He turned himself in, but he was pardoned and given the opportunity to fight under the army's aegis.

As he grew older and seeing no other way to raise his standard of living, Graziano signed a few boxing contracts, but the rigors of training disinterested him.

He fought many of the best middleweights of the era including Sugar Ray Robinson.

His turbulent and violent life story was the basis of the 1956 Oscar-winning drama film, Somebody Up There Likes Me, based on his 1955 autobiography of the same title.

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